Our City's Future

The City of Bunbury recognises that it has a key role to play in the future of the city, specifically the design and use of its urban environment and infrastructure whilst, at the same time, planning for the protection of its environmental assets and natural resources.

Environmental Planning

The Sustainability and Environmental Planning team seeks to assist the City of Bunbury is achieving its aspirations for the natural environment through the provision of professional advice and services.  One of the team’s key tasks is to support the City’s local land use planning system through the provision of environmental planning expertise.  This task includes:

  • participation in the City’s internal Development Coordination Unit through the review and provision of advice on planning proposals (e.g. development and subdivision applications, structure plans etc.)
  • supporting the development and review of the City’s Local Planning Strategy and Local Planning Scheme, for example, through the preparation of strategic planning instruments such as the Local Planning Strategy for Environmental Assets and Natural Resources
  • development and (future) coordination of the City’s proposed Local Biodiversity Conservation Planning Framework, which seeks to support the conservation of local biodiversity through the planning system.

The Sustainability and Environmental Planning team is also responsible for a range of non-planning tasks including the coordination of priority on-ground works in local bushland reserves, the management of certain pests (e.g. Introduced Corellas), environmental education initiatives and the City’s contaminated site management program.

Strategic Planning and Urban Design

The Strategic Planning and Urban Design team endeavours to contribute to the on-going sustainable development of the City by advancing economic, environmental, social and equity considerations within planning initiatives and projects under its management and in its support of decision making processes.

The team, comprising strategic land use planning (and urban design) professionals, is responsible for producing a range of strategic planning outputs and services, and in conjunction with the statutory planning team provides advice to the community on a range of both public sector and private sector led plans and projects.

Please see the following pages for more information on key projects and plans:

Heritage Planning

Managing heritage value is an important reflection of the local community’s identity and vital to preserving the fabric of the City’s character. Heritage places are recognised as valuable landmarks and distinguishing features within the City’s changing landscape. These places appear on the City’s “Heritage List”.

The role and importance of cultural heritage is also acknowledged within the City’s Local Planning Framework which endeavours to employ best practice approaches (through implementing a range of statutory and non-statutory planning tools and mechanisms) that encourages good heritage conservation outcomes.

​More information on heritage related planning matters and links to other key documents and guidance and be found on the Heritage page.

Agendas and minutes of the Heritage Advisory Committee and be found on the Advisory Committees page.