Weekly Snapshot 20 November 2017

​Safehaven Studios have been awarded the tender to install a gateway public art piece at Koombana Bay.  The local artists, Alex and Nicole Mickle, propose to “seek to merge traditional sculptural skill and advanced fabrication technology to create a striking contemporary artwork that pays deep respect to the oldest human culture on our planet.”  The intention is to use a generic Noongar face.  The sculpture will be about 7 metres high with gaps of 75mm.  The artists have consulted with the Indigenous community and provided letters of support from Aboriginal organisations with their submission.

A new path link along the south side of Adam Road from Stirton Court to an existing path located at the intersection of Adam Road and Parade Road has been built to help with the safe movement of pedestrians, particularly school children. Previously pedestrians had to cross the road twice to follow this route.

An accessible ramp at Back Beach is currently under construction with the site being fenced to reduce any risk to the public. A range of earthworks, reinforcement and concrete work has already been carried out. Stairs will also be constructed to access the surf club building and dual use path, while the installation of a retaining wall and removal of sand and vegetation at the front of the toilet is scheduled to begin once the concrete ramp works are complete.  

Bin audits are being carried out by the City’s Waste Department with the information gathered to be relayed back to Councillors and the public. The majority of our residents are using the three bin system correctly, although single use plastic bags again are a major content error.

The Bunbury Wildlife Park’s dingo pups have been de-sexed and are still on display while they are recovering. But in sad news, the tiger quoll Zeus has been put down due to his condition as he entered old age. Staff are now looking into acquiring a new tiger quoll.

The new Youth Advisory Council committee members met for the first time last week for an informational session covering all aspects of YAC. This included a brief presentation from Youth Mayor Sean Smith about the “YAC Effect” and how members can become the next Youth Mayor; icebreaker games/team building session; presentation of an official YAC t-shirt; individual and group photos of the YAC members to be taken by a professional photographer, in order to create online profiles; and discussion on formal and informal meeting dates to prepare agreed dates to be approved at the next YAC formal meeting on December 6.

One month into the reintroduction of wifi at the South West Sports Centre has resulted in 630 new signups for the service. The busiest day of the week is Wednesday and the average time online is three hours.

The Peron Naturalist Partnership (PNP) is currently undertaking an investigation into how people in the South West value the coast.  This research hasn’t been undertaken previously and is required as part of coastal hazard risk management and adaptation planning.  The City’s Back Beach is one of three case study sites under the project. The project will involve a series of beach user surveys and community workshops over the next 12 months.

Rangers administration has received a number of enquiries regarding the requirements for properties for the upcoming fire season. Of the calls received, most relate to the condition of properties and a concern regarding a fire hazard.  Rangers respond to all of these enquires and undertake an assessment of the property and the owner of the property will be contacted and advised of the complaint.