Weekly Snapshot 16 October 2017

​The Bunbury Wildlife Park has had a fantastic start to 2017/18 with over 11,000 people coming through its doors in the first quarter of this financial year, compared to 8387 at this time last year. While the dingo pups have proved to be extremely popular, the Park’s focus on marketing and special events has certainly been paying off.

Judging for the 51st Myles Junior Sports Star of the Year Awards took place last week with the interviews of seven 7 talented junior sport participants. Award nominees were from such sports as swimming, netball, sailing, hockey and squash. The winner of the Myles Junior Sports Star of the Year Award will be announced on 25 October 2017.

Over 2500 dog and cat registration renewal letters have been sent to the City of Bunbury’s animal owners, along with a flyer promoting our November dog expo event. Current dog/cat registrations are due to expire on 31 October 2017, however as per the Dog Act 1976, renewal registrations can be accepted from 10 October 2017.

The City has started repairing asphalt at the Homemaker Centre after a section was significantly damaged by the verge trees. Further works will occur on Albert Road in the future as part of the staged removal and replacement of the London Plane trees that are causing ongoing infrastructure damage.

Entries have closed for BRAG’s annual 12 Days of Christmas exhibition, which offers artists the opportunity to sell small, inexpensive works as part of a retail exhibition over the festive period. Audiences have the opportunity to purchase original artworks by local artists as gifts, supporting the local creative community as well as finding the perfect gift for that special someone.  This year 12 Days of Christmas will be held in City Gallery from 9 December to 6 January.

BMX Australia representatives were back in town last weekend to meet with staff and discuss logistics for the 2018 BMX Australian National Championships. A wide range of local businesses have been and will continue to be engaged for the delivery of the event set to take place from 20 to 25 March 2018. A festival atmosphere will be created in the space directly west of the BMX track and will highlight Bunbury-Geographe produce and provide opportunities for food trucks and other vendors to sell their wares.

The Koombana Foreshore revitalisation project is moving ahead quickly. In the last fortnight the following has occurred:

• Planting along the beach;

• Irrigation network, including sprinklers, is being installed;

• Construction of the picnic shelters is continuing;

• Kerbing in the car parks is continuing;

• Concrete paths and pram ramps are continuing;

• Floor slab has been poured for the kiosk kitchen;

• Off site, rib fabrication is continuing and pre-cast concrete panels for the bridge deck are continuing.