Need something to do during the school holidays? Unleashed offers a variety of fun and challenging activities and projects for 12-17 year olds.

The Unleashed holiday program includes activities for 12-17 year olds with a focus on fun and adventure. Click here for the registration form.



Tuesday 24 April

Drop off: 8.30am @ Bicentennial Square

Pick up: 4.30pm @ Bicentennial Square

The kids will be ‘stranded’ on an Island and have to use their orienteering and navigational skills to locate components and build a raft to get to safety. They will then head down river on the newly built raft to the mainland where they have lunch followed by an array of games and team building activities.



Thursday 26 April

Drop off: 8.30am @ Bunbury Back Beach

Pick up: 4.30pm @ Bunbury Skate Park (Cobblestone)

This will be a day of educational, healthy and interactive activities introducing people to the sport of Skateboarding which they can continue for years to come. The boards will be old school cruisers (with COB and Roadwise stickers) suitable for both commuting and being used at skate parks, this way we feel we will also be giving back to the community by letting participants keep the boards whilst promoting and active and healthy lifestyles.


We have some very exciting ideas planned for July holidays so watch this space!