Planning an Event

Planning an Event

The role of the City of Bunbury, as the approving body for events held on City of Bunbury land, is to ensure all reasonable and practical precautions are taken by any event organiser, to protect the health and safety of patrons, and the amenity of surrounding residents.

The City of Bunbury has developed an Event Toolkit as a reference tool for any events being planned or taking place in Bunbury. This toolkit aims to provide event managers and community groups with information and links to resources for events, information for operational procedures, statutory and legal requirements as well as event management requirements. Download the Event Toolkit.

Whether an event is private or accessible to the public, if the event takes place in any of Bunbury’s public space, you will be required to obtain an event permit.

A public space is land owned by or managed by Council and can include:

  • Sports grounds and facilities
  • Public reserve, garden or open space where the public are permitted access
  • Street, footpath, laneway, car park
  • Water ways
  • Crown land

Applying for a permit

If the event is to be held on a public space, the City of Bunbury via an application process will assess and issue a permit, which will outline information on availability, regulations and other approvals required.

The size and number of people attending your event may impact the requirements provided by the City, this is to ensure all patrons are attending a safe event area.

An event application should be submitted at least 8 weeks prior to your event, however should the event be considered large or high risk, an application can be made up to 12 months in advance. 

Download the Event Application Form

Download the Event Application Guidelines

Download the Event Application Process Flowchat

In addition to requiring a permit, event organisers may also require specific approval from Council or state government departments. E.g. Police, Main Roads, Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor.

City of Bunbury Consent to Consume Liquor 

Commercial and non-commercial events held on Council grounds, where alcohol will be served and consumed by attendees, must submit an application for consent to consume liquor. A fee of $48 (including GST) must accompany the application and submitted at least 10 business days prior to the event.

An application for a Liquor License from the Office of Racing, Gaming and Liquor may be required depending on the event. This permit may be obtained through the Bunbury Court House and the Bunbury Police Service must be notified that alcohol will be available at the function with an indication of approximately how many people will be attending.

To check if your event requires a liquor license please read the Occasional Liquor License Lodgement Guide.

Application for consent to consumer liquor

Download the Occasional Liquor License Lodgement Guide

Should any temporary structure including but not limited to marquees, tents, stages, movie screens and spectator stands be erected on a City of Bunbury Park or Reserve, a certificate of construction/installation must be completed to verify that the person erecting the structure has constructed it in accordance with all manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines. Download the City of Bunbury Certificate of Construction/Installation.

City of Bunbury Certificate of Electrical Compliance

A Certificate of Electrical Compliance signed off by a licensed electrician will be required to be submitted to the City's Health Services for all temporary electrical installations at events. Electrical leads and generators shall be tested and tagged within the previous 6 months in accordance with AS 3012. Download the City of Bunbury Certificate of Electrical Compliance Application.

City of Bunbury Application to Undertake Temporary Food Service

Events held on public spaces or temporary venues owned by the City of Bunbury that will sell or serve food or provide food vendors at an event will need to ensure that food standards meet the Western Australian Department of Health regulations, hold a public liability insurance certificate and submit an application to undertake a temporary food service. Download the Application to Undertake Temporary Food Service.

Risk Assessment Guide

All event organisers are required to complete an event risk assessment. We’ve prepared a risk assessment template to help you consider a range of scenarios you may need to plan for prior to your event. Download the Risk Assessment Template.

Noise Regulations

Where noise emissions exceed certain decibels in public open spaces, applicants must submit an application for a Regulation 18 Form for Non-Complying Environmental Protection (Noise) Event at least 60 days prior to the date of the event. 

In addition to the Regulation 18, an acoustic report detailing the following should accompany the application:

  • Proposed event date, start and finish times, and venue.
  • Anticipated sound level emission impact on the surrounding properties - to be determined via the use of appropriate noise modelling software, given worst case atmospheric conditions in all directions.
  • Details of noise modelling input data / information used to construct the model (e.g. wind direction, temperature etc).
  • How compliance will be monitored during the event.
  • Details of complaint management procedures to be implemented (must have a constantly manned telephone number during the event for handling of complaints).
  •  Details of how the affected surrounding community will be notified of the event (e.g. letter / flyer drop - to include the complaint contact number, start/finish times, venue etc).
  • Details of stage and speaker location.
  • Details of sound engineering methods to be used to reduce noise impact on the surrounding community.

Download a Regulation 18 Form for Non-Complying Environmental Protection (Noise) Event

Events Trailer

The City has an events trailer, which includes the following equipment that may be useful for your event:

  • Sign Legs (59)
  • Bollards (70)
  • Bollard Bases (70)
  • Right Detour (9)
  • Left Detour (9)
  • Reduce Speed (7)
  • Detour End (6)
  • Detour Ahead (6)
  • Road Closed (12)
  • Lane Closed (2)
  • Road Closed Ahead (2)
  • Chevrons ^ (14)
  • Event Ahead (4)
  • Event Ahead/Event End (6)
  • Barrier Boards 1.5 M (4)
  • Barrier Board Legs (4)
  • Flag Bunting & Reels
  • (Orange) (5)+
  • Rolls of Orange Fencing

The collection and return of the trailer is the responsibility of the hirer. A hire fee applies, however may be waived for not for profit events. To book the Events Trailer, please book through the Community Safety and Emergency Services Department on 9792 7106.  Download the Events Trailer Request Form