Peron Naturalist Partnership

​Bunbury, Busselton, Capel, Dardanup, Harvey, Mandurah, Murray, Rockingham, Waroona are a collective group of Local Governments between Cape Peron and Cape Naturaliste in the southwest of Western Australia who recognise the potential vulnerability of this coastline due to climate change impacts.

The Peron Naturaliste Partnership has a strategic approach to the management and implementation of coastal adaptation across the Peron Naturaliste Region of Western Australia. The partnership was originally formed in 2011 through a volunteer Memorandum of Understanding and the first PNP Business Plan was developed.

The vision of the Peron Naturaliste Partnership (PNP) is to empower a resilient regional community to reduce risks and optimise opportunities presented by climate change. The overall objective of the Peron Naturaliste Partnership is to provide a regional mechanism to facilitate effective and timely adaptation responses to climate change.

Coastal Adaptation Decision Pathways project
In its latest project, the PNP received Federal Government funding to assess potential impacts and how the nine local governments could respond to coastal hazards arising from climate change-induced sea level rise in the region.

The Coastal Adaptation Decision Pathways project – Developing Flexible Adaptation Pathways for the Peron Naturaliste Coastal Region of WA – explores coastal adaptation pathways for the local governments into the future.

The project identified that until 2110 in the Peron Naturaliste region:

  • erosion is a far more pervasive issue than flooding;
  • 800 hectares of residential land would be subject to increased flooding risk;
  • close to a 200m wide strip along the whole extent of the coastline is at risk from erosion;
  • the value of the affected assets at risk along this section of coastline is approximately $1.2 billion, and $1.1 billion of assets are worth saving, at a cost of around $120 million
  • ownership of coastal protection assets need to be clarified; and
  • there is a need to request funding to address limitations highlighted in report.

At the PNP’s Annual General Meeting in Mandurah last week, the partners agreed to delegate these findings to the State Government, asking the relevant State Ministers to acknowledge the work of the PNP and to commit to supporting the group’s future endeavours.

Project Fact Sheet and FAQs Sheet

Climate Change Adaptation Options Assessment Executive Summary and Report.

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