Local Planning Scheme Review

Draft Local Planning Strategy and Draft Local Planning Scheme No.8

Council initiated a review of its existing City of Bunbury Town Planning Scheme No.7 on 29th November 2011 (Council Decision 276/11). As a first step towards preparing the draft new Local Planning Strategy and new Local Planning Scheme, the City of Bunbury drafted the Local Planning Scheme Review Report and the Local Planning Strategy - Discussion Paper which together, with an initial series of community workshops held in November 2012, marked the first opportunity for community participation. The Stakeholder Forum Report of Proceedings was compiled as a result.

The new Strategy and revised Scheme as drafted promotes an outcomes focussed approach that:

  • Guides the pattern of land uses to reduce land use conflict and more efficiently conserve and manage the city's natural areas and sensitive environments.
  • Promotes more resilient, equitable and better connected communities across Bunbury.
  • Improves the quality of urban design of buildings, streetscapes and other public spaces.
  • Responds to Bunbury's changing housing and population needs, providing greater choice of homes for different ages, stages of life and budgets through mixed use development and inner city living opportunities
  • Reinforces the city centre, other activity centres and activity corridors to be more viable and better places to live and work through their redevelopment as more compact and liveable mixed use precincts with better integrated transport options.
  • Capitalises on public investments and attracting more private investment in commercial, tourism, general business and industrial orientated areas.
  • Safeguards what makes Bunbury special and unique.

Draft documents were initiated by Council on 31 March 2015 and have been submitted to the Department of Planning and the Environment Protection Authority for their consideration and review prior to their release for public advertising and comment.