Local Planning Scheme 8 gets the final go ahead

Friday, 9 March 2018 

The City of Bunbury’s Local Planning Strategy and accompanying Local Planning Scheme have been given the green light from the West Australian Planning Commission.

Both the Strategy and Scheme were today published in the Government Gazette making it effective immediately.

This exciting milestone will open Bunbury to more diverse development and drive growth over the next 20 years.

Local planning schemes are the main statutory planning tool for achieving the local government’s aims and objectives with respect to the development of its local area. Schemes deal mainly with land use, development control and infrastructure coordination, and are based on the strategic framework established in the local planning strategy.

Key elements of the Local Planning Scheme 8 include greater opportunities for living and working within walking distance and expanding the city centre to engage with its ‘three waters’ of the Indian Ocean, Leschenault Inlet and Koombana Bay.

Under the new Scheme, the development potential of Bunbury’s city centre will be unlocked by the ability to double the available floor space for commercial and high-density residential development throughout the new ‘Regional Centre Zone’.  More mixed use, such as commercial space on a lower floor with residential above, is also being promoted through two new mixed use zones.

There is also a range of new land uses designed to encourage innovative development based on sound planning and urban design principles.

Other key elements of the Scheme include:

A new ‘Light Industry Zone’ that promotes cleaner, high-tech industrial parks;

A new ‘Tourism Zone’ that encourages both tourism and lifestyle opportunities for mixed use development along Ocean Drive and other key sites;

A more sustainable future through the introduction of conservation initiatives such as a new Conservation Reserve and the Bushland Areas Special Control Area, which promotes the achievement of biodiversity targets in the city; and

New land use zones that set out robust architecture to deal more effectively with the challenges of emerging economic activities while better addressing land use conflict.

Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan said City planners had been working closely with prospective developers over the past few months to ensure they were aware of the development potential enabled by the new scheme.

“A lot of hard work has gone into the scheme and strategy which replaces the previous Town Planning Scheme 7 and opens the door to development opportunities which were previously not possible.” Mayor Brennan said.

“Bunbury is open for business and I look forward to a creative approach from developers coming forward to enhance and revitalise our city." 

Please follow the link here for more detailed information on Local Planning Scheme 8 and the Local Planning Strategy