Last call for Bunbury Community Garden

Friday, 16 February 2018

The City of Bunbury is seeking community members/group or curator to take on the day-to-day management of the Bunbury Community Garden.

The aim is for the community to work together to collaborate and create a sense of place within the garden which is located behind the Withers Community Library.

The successful organisation would be required to:

  • Liaise with the groups who currently utilise the garden
  • Look at ways for groups and the community to use the garden to benefit the community as a whole
  • Take enquiries of new members for the garden manage garden bed space
  • Identify community grants and work with all garden users to carry out any additional projects

The garden officially opened in 2015 and includes a large open space with three large bricked garden beds surrounded by lawn and shady trees. It is fully accessible with all garden beds raised and joined by a wide even foot path. Free parking is available including ACROD bays.

Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan said the garden was a great way for community groups to connect with one another over a shared interest.

“We hope a local organisation jumps on board this wonderful project as it provides many benefits to the community such as creating inclusivity, promoting physical fitness and health as well as growing fresh, healthy, nutritious food,” Mayor Brennan said.

For more information please contact Elizabeth Larkin on 97927215 or by Wednesday 28 February.

In the instance of no interest the Bunbury Community Garden will retain its place as public open space converting the vegetable garden beds into flower beds and will be used as an extension of the library for reading books and general leisure.