Is your property bushfire ready?

Thursday, 3 October 2019 

Bushfire season is fast approaching and now is the time to start preparing your property. 

Fires do not need to be near you to burn your home – homes lost by bushfire are more often lost to embers from fires some distance away, landing in your property and setting leaves and other fine material alight. 

Your best defence against bushfire is to ensure the following:

  • Have gutters clear of leaves and other combustibles that may be available for embers to ignite
  • Remove leaves or other dry material lying around that could be set alight by embers
  • Do not have trees or shrubs adjacent to or overhanging your home which may provide flame contact to your home
  • Have a family plan to include triggers to leave, what you would take and where you would go in the event that your home was no longer safe 

The City of Bunbury provides hard and green waste collections for residents in the lead up to bushfire season. 

Residents can take advantage of this free service and now begin to tidy up their property.

City of Bunbury Community Law, Safety and Emergency Management Team Leader Peter Hayes said every year West Australians lose everything to the fire they thought could never happen. 

“Any effort spent tidying up your property will decrease the chances that a fire burning somewhere does not add your home to the list of damage,” Mr Hayes said. 

“Work to ensure that it won’t be your family that suffers damage and or injury and remember any material which can be lit with a lighter can light up with an ember.” 

For more information on how to prepare your property and the hard and green waste calendar please visit the City’s website or join the Safer Communities Network here