Emergency Preparedness

Emergencies and disasters are probably not something we think about everyday; however, often we are faced with the plight of others that have faced severe disasters on a State, national and often international scale. 

We live in an age of uncertainty concerning natural and manmade hazards and it is our responsibility to be well aware and act on what may have a considerable impact on ours and our loved ones lives.  

Generally most routine emergencies are handled competently and in a timely manner by our capable and trained emergency service and support personnel. However, in times of a significant disaster (e.g. Yarloop, Black Saturday fires in Victoria, Queensland floods 2011), we will never have enough manpower or resources, to meet community expectations.

For this reason it is very important that each individual and family, plan and prepare for their own safety and survival.  

The safety and survival of you and your loved ones is your responsibility, no one else’s! Act now, don’t rely on others. Planning and practising for such an occasion is the only way to be sure that you survive or limit the harm to you and your loved ones.


Are U ready to survive 4 72 hours?

Do you have enough water to last for 72 hours? What about food, lighting and medication? What would you save, if your house was flooded and damaged, with an hours notice?

With the upcoming storm season it’s important for everyone in our community to be prepared for an emergency situation. The "City of Bunbury’s U-4-72 Resilient Communities Project" is about helping you to be emergency ready so you can help yourself, your family, and your neighbours should a disaster strike. In large disaster events there simply aren’t enough emergency resources to come to everyone’s aid immediately. If you’re prepared you can survive for 72 hours without help.

Every winter season brings significant storms to our community and every year homes are damaged or destroyed. The time is now to get prepared by working through these three simple steps:

HEAD - your plan

HAND - your ready kit

HOME - preparation in and around your home

Download this simple U-4-72 Emergency Ready checklist, work through it at your home, and join the growing U-4-72 movement!

Download the U-4-72 Emergency Ready Guide.

Complete this form to register your interest to attend Bunbury Resilient Communities Project U-4-72 Emergency Ready Sessions.

To download the U-4-72 Training Manual click here

Ready Kits

To assist you with being prepared, the City of Bunbury has 2 person "Ready Kits" available for purchase. These kits include the essential items you may need to survive for 72 hours including water containers and water purification tablets, torch/radio, a basic first aid kit, personal hygiene, survival gear and other handy items.

Kits are $50 and can be purchased from City of Bunbury customer services. Alternatively a checklist is available to enable you to build your own and customise it to your personal needs.

For further information on this campaign contact the Emergency Management department on 9792 7111.