Culling considered to control introduced Corella problem

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Bunbury City Council on Tuesday night agreed to the culling of 800 introduced Corellas over the next two years, representing a significant enhancement of the City’s established control program.

The Introduced Corella Management Strategy was also noted and an allocation of $50,000 would be considered during budget deliberations for 2018/19 only to be used to fund the culling of Corellas.

Council requested the CEO seeks a permit of behalf of Council from the State Government for the culling of 400 Corellas in years 2018/19 and further 400 in years 2019/20.

The CEO has also been asked to prepare a report for Council on the success or otherwise of the cull prior to any future funding being considered.

Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan said the introduced Corellas are considered a Category 3 Declared Pest in Bunbury and are not native to the local area.

Local populations have increased significantly over the past two to three years in Bunbury.

“These birds have caused damage to local business as well as City-owned infrastructure, it is estimated that the City will need to spend in excess of $20,000 per year due to damage costs,” Mayor Brennan said.

“We have also received more than 40 complaints this year alone from community members regarding the birds from noise complaints to damaged property, something needs to be done to control these pests.”

“There has also been a significant impact on local wildlife such as displacement of native birds.”

It has also been requested the CEO writes to the Premier of Western Australia regarding the City’s concern and disappointment at the lack of action undertaken by the WA Government regarding Corella management issues in the Bunbury region.


The City is particularly concerned about the resultant cost-shift to local government since the declaration of the introduced Corellas as a Category 3 Declared Pest in Bunbury, which places responsibility on land holders to undertake measures to reduce the impact of the pest and reduce its distribution.

The enhanced introduced Corella control measures are set to begin in in late 2018 following the adoption of the 2018/19 Budget.