The Bunbury Council governs and makes decisions on local issues including future development, sustainability, economic development, tourism, financial stability and service provision.

Our mayor is elected by the community for a four-year term.  The City of Bunbury consists of the Mayor and twelve councillors, with elections taking place every two years.  A normal term of office for councillors is four years.  Within this structure six councillors retire every two years.

Council meetings

The current Council Meeting Schedule works on a three (3) weekly cycle. The second Tuesday of the meeting cycle is Agenda Briefing Meetings, where the Council meets at 5.30pm in the Council Chambers to review the upcoming agenda reports in depth. The subsequent Ordinary Council Meeting, where Elected Members vote and pass recommendations, is held at 5.30pm in the Council Chambers on the third Tuesday of the meeting cycle.

To view the Ordinary Council Meeting Schedule for 2022 click here.

To view the current Agenda and Minutes click here.

Request to make a deputation

In order to make a deputation to an item on the Agenda, an individual or a representative of a group of people can make a request for deputation at the Ordinary Council Meeting by completing a 'Request for Deputation to Address Council' form.  This form should be received no later than 12:00 NOON on the Monday immediately prior to the meeting and can be submitted via email to or handed in at the front counter of the Administration Building.

To download the form click here.

Register for public question time

Questions of the Council, on any subject within the Council's jurisdiction or with regard to a matter on the Agenda, can be asked at an Ordinary Council Meeting and a 'Public Question Time - Council Meetings' application form is to be completed. Complex questions requiring research should be submitted 5 working days prior to the Council Meeting using the form. Basic questions can be lodged in writing prior to 4.00pm the Friday immediately prior to the Ordinary Council meeting.  Alternatively, if the questions are able to be taken on notice and do not require an answer on the night, the form can be submitted up until 4:00pm on the day of the Ordinary Council meeting. Questions should be  submitted via

To download the form click here

People are welcome to contact councillors in relation to any community issues they may have. Councillor contact details can be found on the Mayor and Councillors page.

How to lodge a petition

In order to lodge a petition to the Council the petition must concern a matter over which the Bunbury City Council has jurisdiction. A petition is to be tabled at a Council meeting by a Councillor. Persons wishing to submit a petition to the Council will need to contact a Councillor and request that they table the petition on their behalf. Petition Guidelines and example of an accepted petition is available here.

Special Meeting of Electors Procedures

To download the procedure click here​

To download Form 1 - Schedule 1 - Request for a Special Meeting of Electors click here

To download Form 2 - Questions Submission Form click here

To download Form 3 - Special Meeting of Electors Motion click here