Corella Control

​Each summer and autumn a population of non-native corellas cause significant social and economic impacts to parts of the community of Bunbury. 

As part of the response to this issue the City is investigating methods to disperse corellas from high impact areas, such as night roosting sites. In order to do this effectively the City needs to know where they are likely to go when dispersed as the City does not want to move them to somewhere where they might cause a greater nuisance.

Corellas, like most cockatoo species, have predictable routines and movement patterns, so it is possible to reasonably predict how they will behave when dispersed, based on an understanding of their existing behaviours. For example, corellas will take the same flight path to foraging areas, or roosting sites at the same time almost every day.  They will also fly in and out of an area in a predictable way. 

The City is particularly interested in where the birds roost at night and their movement patterns when they approach or leave a roost site.  The City would also like to know where the birds nest. 

A record keeping table and attached observation sheet can be downloaded here for anyone who wants to participate in the survey. Any personal information collected during the survey will be treated confidentially. 

Observation records can be returned to:


Post: PO Box 21 Stephen St, 6231

In person: to the City of Bunbury Administration Building, 4 Stephen St, Bunbury.

Disclaimer: Your participation in this survey is entirely voluntary and the City of Bunbury is not liable for any injury or incident arising as a result of participating in the activity.