Management of Introduced Corellas


A flock of introduced corellas has resided in Bunbury for several years.  The birds are also present in many other local governments between Margaret River and the Perth Metropolitan Area.

These corellas are not native to the South West, but rather have established from birds that have escaped or been released from aviaries. Click here for further information on the birds.

The introduced corellas congregate into large flocks during summer and autumn and disperse for breeding over winter in spring.  It is during the summer and autumn months that the birds typically cause negative impacts on the community through noise, chewing and fouling behaviours. The local flock and its associated impacts have noticeably increased in recent years.

The City has an established introduced corella management program in order to minimise the impact of the birds on the community.  However, it must be recognised that the introduced corellas along with many other pest species pose a significant problem, one that extends beyond local government boundaries, resource availability and statutory responsibilities.  As such, introduced corella management requires a shared response across all stakeholders including government, the private sector and community, where appropriate.


City of Bunbury activities – February 2018

The City’s current focus is upon the establishment of a regional control program in partnership with surrounding shires and other key stakeholders.  The benefit of this approach is that it seeks to optimise control efforts by ensuring management consistency and a timely and effective response across jurisdictions.

The City also continues to participate in the Western Australian Local Government Association-led corella control coordination group, which provides for knowledge sharing across the local government sector.


What you can do to help

Community members can assist with the issue by refraining from feeding the introduced corellas and by taking a responsible approach to domestic corella keeping (i.e. ensuring that the birds to not escape to the wild).

Information, enquiries or complaints related to this issue can be lodged via email to

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