Community affordability leads to minimal increases to fees and charges

Wednesday, 15 May 2019 

Bunbury City Council on Tuesday adopted the schedule of fees and charges which will form part of the 2019/20 Annual Budget.

The new schedule will be effective from 1 July and includes zero to minimal increase on services provided by the City of Bunbury. This includes a zero increase to membership costs at the South West Sports Centre and no change in crèche charges. 

Entry to the Bunbury Wildlife Park remains the same for children and those with concession however a small $1 increase applies to adult entry fees. 

Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan said the minor increases were indicative of the community’s affordability in the current economic climate. 

“Council acknowledges some householders are doing it tougher than others and we have made it a priority to keep any increases to our fees and charges to an absolute minimum,” Mayor Brennan said. 

“These fees and charges cover all City services and are an integral part of the budget.” 

Not included in the fees and charges, but to be included in the annual Budget 2019/20, will be the increase to waste recycling charges.  

The predicted $12-$14 increase to ratepayers per year has been driven by international market restraints, in particular the Chinese market.  

“Unfortunately we will be increasing these charges as our recycling contractor has had to increase its fees due to the ban on selected items in China which were previously accepted for recycling,” Mayor Brennan said. 

“We know the community will understand this is beyond our control and we will continue to work with our contractor to ensure the best possible service is provided to our community.”