Under Section 5.8 of the Local Government Act 1995 the City of Bunbury Council may establish advisory committees of three (3) or more persons to assist it in discharging the operations and duties of the City of Bunbury. These committees can comprise Councillors only or a mixture of Councillors, public and employees.

Advisory Committees make recommendations for consideration by members of the Council based on their Terms of Reference which would have been adopted by Council at the time the committee was formed. The Council has the right to amend these Terms of Reference or alter/disband its committees at any time.

Appointment of members to an Advisory Committee can only be made by way of a formal decision of the Council.

When establishing an Advisory Committee, the Council appoints an "Executive Officer" whose responsibility it is to liaise with the Committee's Presiding Member in calling meetings, preparing agendas and organising minute-taking.
A comprehensive list of Council's committees together with membership details, terms of reference, and the appointed Executive Officer in each case can be found in the City of Bunbury Committee Book.​​​​

To view Committee Agendas and Minutes click here.


Community Representation on Council Committees 

The City of Bunbury is seeking nominations from community members interested in being considered for vacancies on the following Committees of Council:

  • Audit Commiuttee - two vacancies
  • Disability Access and Inclusion Committee - three vacancies and one service provider representative
  • Heritage Advisory Committee - seven vacancies
  • International Relations Committee - 11 vacancies
  • Youth Advisory Committee - 14 vacancies
  • Bunbury Events Advisory Committee - four vacancies

Positions will be for a two-year period and will begin following the 2021 Local Government Elections on 16 October 2021. It is expected that all appointments will be formalised by Council in early November 2021.

Nominations open 1 September and close 19 September 2021.

If you are interested in nominating as a community representative, please click here to apply.

If you have any questions or require assistance completing the nomination, please contact the Governance Department on 9792 7000.


Overview of Committees and their purpose

Bunbury Event Advisory Committee - The Bunbury Event Advisory Committee (BEAC) aims to attract, support and promote events that deliver community and economic benefit and add vibrancy to Greater Bunbury. The committee is made up of Elected Members, community representatives, tourism industry representatives, a Bunbury Chamber of Commerce and Industry representative, a Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre representative and Council Officers.

Audit Committee - The Audit Committee is required to be established by Council in response to the provisions of Section 7.1A of the Local Government Amendment Act 2004 - composition is to be no less than three (3) Elected Members and any number of other persons provided that the 'majority' of members are members of the Council. The CEO and Council Employees are not to be appointed as voting members of the committee.

CEO Performance Review Committee - The role of this committee is to undertake the annual performance and salary review for the City's Chief Executive Officer.

Disability Access and Inclusion Committee - This committee was established by the Council in response to the provisions of the WA Disability Services Act 1993. It advises Council on matters of access and monitors implementation of the Disability Access and Inclusion Plan for City of Bunbury buildings, facilities, services and information. 
International Relations Committee - The role of this committee is to facilitate, support and promote cultural, sporting, education, tourism and economic partnership opportunities between Bunbury and its international partners.
Policy Review and Development Committee - The role of this committee is to review all existing Bunbury City Council policies (excluding planning policies) and facilitate the development of  new policies (excluding planning policies) for consideration by the Council on an ongoing basis. 
Youth Advisory Council - The role of the YAC is to provide guidance to the Bunbury City Council on issues affecting the youth of the Bunbury Region.

Heritage Advisory Committee - The role of this committee is to provide for information exchange between Council and the general community on heritage. 

In addition to the Council Committees there are a number of Working Groups that the City runs. Where available the agenda and minutes of those working groups will uploaded to the Committee Agendas and Minutes page.