Closed Circuit Television - CCTV

The City has a number of CCTV cameras which are monitored during peak periods.  The CCTV network allows monitoring staff to alert Police, Emergency Services and a range of other services to incidents of criminal activities or emergency situation as they occur, allowing a response before an incident escalates. The footage recorded by the CCTV cameras may also be used as evidence in the prosecution of offenders by Police or the City.

As well as the CBD, the City of Bunbury also have CCTV cameras in public buildings, facilities and public areas where it is determined by the City as necessary. The aim of these cameras is to protect public assets, deter offences against persons and property and provide video recordings/evidence of events or incidences which may have occurred.

The CCTV network satisfies the Australian and New Zealand Police Recommendations for CCTV Systems and the majority of the CCTV network has been funded through grants provided by State and Federal governments.

The City has strict policy and guidelines that governs the access, use and privacy of its use and the City also has an Memorandum of Understanding with WA Police, where police have access to the City’s CCTV network with the ability to view cameras when required and obtain recorded footage on request.

Should an incident occur within proximity to a public CCTV cameras, the City recommends that a report be made to the police to enable them to investigate the complaint and if required, request any CCTV footage that may assist the investigation.

Click here to download a map of CCTV locations

Click here to download the City of Bunbury CCTV Policy