City revamps procurement to engage local business

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

From 1 November, the City of Bunbury will be using an online quotation tool called VendorPanel to simplify the way the City seeks quotations and tenders from potential suppliers.

VendorPanel has been used by many organisations to increase transparency and compliance and provides a contemporary tool for local businesses to engage with the City.

VendorPanel has two parts that may be of interest to local businesses.

VendorPanel MarketPlace gives businesses an opportunity to register their service for free and then be invited to provide a quote when that service is required from the City. This is for quotes within the price range of $2000 to $50,000.

Procurements more than $50,000 will be issued to the open market on VendorPanel and will also be advertised in State and/or local print media. As with MarketPlace relevant and registered businesses will be notified and invited to present a quotation/tender.

If the City requests a quotation or tender from a business, the supplier be notified via email and can easily review the request and securely submit their quotation/tender through VendorPanel by following the prompts. Using Vendor Panel is a no-risk and simple way of accessing more business opportunities.

Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan said VendorPanel was a simpler way for local business to be considered in the quotation/tender process.

“Bunbury City Council encourages local business to sign up to the VendorPanel so they are the first to know when an opportunity arises,” Mayor Brennan said.

“By registering it allows local business to be contacted straight away and we are always happy to utilise local suppliers over those who are not located in the Bunbury Geographe region.”

Businesses can register for free by clicking here

For more information about how the City of Bunbury conducts quotes and tenders please email