City enters into negotiations over prime development land

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Bunbury City Council will begin talks immediately with potential developers over the purchase of four key sites in Bunbury after deciding to not accept their first offer on the lots.

The City of Bunbury received six offers over four of the five offered sites after the launch of an international marketing campaign to gauge interest in the land. All sites were to be sold on the condition that they will be developed within an agreed timeframe.

Following the campaign all six parties were invited to take part in a closed tender process where applicants were asked to provide the finer details of why they were interested in purchasing the lots.

Lots included Lot 66 Ocean Drive, Lot 497 Ocean Drive, Lot 891 Clifton Street, Lot 1881 Koombana Drive and a portion of Lot 3 Blair Street.

Lot 3 has been identified, through a hotel feasibility study, as the best site for hotel development in the Bunbury CBD and is still being offered to market as the City continues to seek investment opportunities.

Once tenders were received City officers evaluated the offers and recommended not accepting them on the basis of preferring to negotiate with the tender applicants to reach a better outcome for both the City and applicants.

All have indicated they are comfortable with the recommendation and are happy to work closely with the City on providing a positive outcome for all involved.

Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan said interest in the sites was a boon for Bunbury.

“These four sites will provide enormous benefits for the purchasers, the City of Bunbury and of course the community,” Mayor Brennan said.

“We are aiming to reach an agreement with the potential purchasers within six months and following that we believe there will be some exciting developments happening in Bunbury.

“All four lots will be sold for the purpose of development which will reap economic benefits for Bunbury including vast employment and tourism opportunities.”

Once negotiations have been completed a report will be presented to Council for consideration.