City and Development WA Partnership

​Infill: A key priority for the City of Bunbury

These are exciting times for Bunbury. There have been several announcements relating to new initiatives that will help underpin the economic growth of our city, confirming Bunbury as WA’s second city.

These include a $65 million commitment to Stage Three of the Transforming Bunbury Waterfront project with Stage One completed; completed works for the former Department of Parks and Wildlife Headquarters; construction expected soon at Koombana North; completion of the Aldi supermarket in the CBD; completion of a significant upgrade to the Plaza Shopping Centre; Development Applications and Activity Centre plans approved for the Centrepoint Shopping Centre and Bunbury Forum Shopping Centre.

Some of these are what we call “infill” projects - transforming underutilised or orphan pockets of land into highly desirable places for people to live or work. A well planned and designed city is not only essential to placing us in the national spotlight, it is also our legacy for future generations.

Bunbury actually has quite a number of these small and undeveloped parcels of State or City-owned land, which are located in prime positions in and around the CBD and could offer potential for city-building initiatives. Some of the infill sites have been on the market for several years, such as the former Punchbowl Caravan site, but it’s understood the development challenges they present make them unviable for private developers to take on in the current economic climate.

Another parcel of land we have already identified as offering potential for further investigation is the City’s depot site on Nuytsia Avenue. While it was the ideal location for a depot in its day, Bunbury’s development has outgrown the existing land-use at the site. What the best alternatives would be is a question that cannot be answered until investigations have been completed, which will be guided by the Local Area Planning process for the Stables Precinct.

To explore the constraints that may deter development, and determine if there any possible solutions to unlocking the potential of these sites, we have entered into a Land Investigation agreement with Development WA, the State’s land and property development agency.

The work with Develpment WA will help us to identify which parcels of land could be considered for further investigation.

It is important to understand that we are looking at a range of sites for investigation only.

It is also important to recognise the studies may reveal that some sites are simply not viable for development in the current market. 

The studies will take some time, perhaps between one to two years to complete. If solutions can be found to the development constraints, and only if development is viable, the City will then work with a range of stakeholders to get the best outcomes for the entire community and meet the likely requirements of the next generation and beyond.

Once the City and Development WA have concluded their initial investigations and confirmed which sites can be progressed for development, a stakeholder and community engagement program will be rolled out to enable additional input into the planning.

Residents and businesses surrounding the sites will be kept informed of progress via email or through this website. For further enquiries, or to register your email address to receive updates, please contact us at