Businesses and residents called upon to help Wipe Out Graffiti

Friday, 29 March 2019 

The City of Bunbury will be offering graffiti removal kits to residents or businesses whose property has been the target of graffiti vandalism. 

The kits were made available to the City thanks to a generous grant from WA Police and include gloves, safety glasses, chemicals and a bucket. 

Kits will only be made available to people who report graffiti on their property. A City officer will then attend the property to record the graffiti for the police database before leaving the applicant with a kit. 

The applicant will then be able to remove the graffiti themselves. 

To help promote the kits the City of Bunbury will launch its Wipe Out Graffiti campaign on Monday 1 April. 

The campaign will educate and inform residents and business owners about how and why it is important to report graffiti. 

Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan urged the community to report any graffiti they come across to ensure swift removal. 

“Removing graffiti quickly has been recognised as the best way to reduce the rewards that graffiti vandals seek,” Mayor Brennan said. 

“We are committed to dealing with graffiti and working with the community to remove it as soon as possible.” 

Since July 2018 the City has removed 186 incidents of graffiti throughout Bunbury totalling $54,450 worth of damage. 

People wanting to report graffiti or to claim a kit will need to phone the City’s Waste Services team on 9792 7333 or download the Graffiti Removal Kit Application and Liability Waiver here  

For tips on how to prevent graffiti click here