Bunbury residents show commitment to war on waste

Thursday, 13 September 2018

A recent waste education campaign conducted by the City of Bunbury has shown the majority of residents are dedicated to waste reduction and are doing the right thing when it comes to separating their rubbish.

The City has been focussed on educating the community about its three-bin system in a bid to divert as much waste as possible away from landfill.

The FOGO (food organics garden organics) was introduced in 2013 and since then Bunbury residents have diverted on average 60% of their waste from landfill. In 2016-17 just 5980 tonnes of waste from rubbish bins was sent to landfill.

The campaign has seen the City of Bunbury successfully spread the message about the importance of residents playing their part in building a sustainable future. It has involved regular social media posts and also messaging via the local newspaper, e:newsletter, flyers and in-person information sessions.

However a recent waste audit revealed some common mistakes when it came to recycling and what was being placed into the yellow-lid bin.

Major contamination items were:

  • clothes and textiles
  • newspapers still wrapped in plastic
  • soft plastics such as plastic bags
  • oil
  • boxed and bagged recycling – keep it loose
  • nappies
  • dirty items with food, residue left – keep it clean
  • E-waste
  • organics (food, take away wrappers and green waste)

Waste audits will be conducted again in late-October, early-November and the City wants its residents to pass with flying colours by ensuring contamination rates are kept to a minimum. Waste audits are conducted regularly to ensure contamination rates are kept to a minimum, residents whose bin have not been emptied or have been given a pink sticker are asked to contact Waste Services on 9792 7333 as there is a high chance it has been contaminated.

Recent changes have been made to which recyclables are being accepted. These changes have been made by Suez – the company responsible for the City’s recycling program.

Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan encouraged the community to stay committed to the war on waste by taking note of the changes.

“Separating waste in the home is the most effective waste management tool for increasing recycling rates and keeping contamination down,” Mayor Brennan said.

“The Council is proud of the community for continuing to do the right thing and using the three-bin system correctly.”

The following items will no longer be accepted as recyclables:

  • aerosol cans
  • silver-lined UHT cartons
  • takeaway coffee cups and lids
  • polystyrene
  • pot plant holders
  • plastic lids

For more information on the three-bin system please visit bunbury.wa.gov.au, like the City of Bunbury Facebook page or sign up to the City Beat e:newsletter here